Tristan S Kimbrell

One of the most difficult things Tristan has ever had to do was to sit down with his two young children and explain to them that their parents would no longer be living together in the same house. Going through a divorce himself, Tristan understands first-hand the complex emotions—anger, fear, relief—that accompany a divorce or custody case. In part because of his own experience, Tristan really listens to what his clients have to say and always respects their wishes and goals. Tristan believes that his clients know their own families better than anyone else, and that it is his job to help them achieve the very best outcomes.

Tristan helps his clients achieve their goals through his attention to detail—a trait he developed during his training as a scientist. Tristan earned a Ph.D. with an emphasis in behavioral biology from the University of Florida in 2007. After finishing graduate school, though, Tristan decided that he did not want to be stuck in a lab, he wanted to help people directly. Consequently, he enrolled in Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, graduating magna cum laude in 2011. While at Temple University, Tristan was a law clerk for the Pennsylvania Superior Court and was also an articles editor for Temple Law Review. Tristan’s attention to the details of the law, as well as his understanding of the emotions involved, allows him to guide clients through what will likely be one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Tristan is a member of the Kansas Bar Association and the Wichita Bar Association. He is also a Kansas Supreme Court Approved Mediator.

Tristan is the brother of Megan Kimbrell. He lives in Wichita and greatly enjoys spending time with his two sons.