We believe that the variety of issues, disputes and client needs that we have experienced makes us uniquely adept at quickly analyzing each case and determining how to meet each client’s legal needs and requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.

There is no substitute for our extensive experience when dealing with extremely complicated divorce cases involving the valuation of complex and substantive assets.

Likewise, our experience allows us to see the practical side of every family law problem, which can result in a quick assessment and approach to resolution for every size and type of case.

Our team combines both years of experience as well as knowledge of related legal issues, such as criminal law issues arising out of family law disputes.

Floodman Family Law is committed to alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation, case management or arbitration, because these approaches often provide the best results at a more reasonable cost. However, these tools are most effective when backed by an attorney who has lengthy litigation experience. The firm also provides alternative dispute resolution services for other attorneys or represents their clients in the alternative dispute setting.

We emphasize that we have extensive experience collaborating with other professionals, including other attorneys, accountants and document experts, ensuring the most expert, cost-effective handling of all case-related issues.