Megan began her career as a criminal defense attorney with a nationally recognized criminal law firm. She honed her skills as an avid writer and researcher in this position as well as developed her presence in the courtroom. Sheila started her career in much the same way. They both indicate that criminal law taught them the importance of “leaving no stone unturned” when it came to client representation because so much was at stake in the client’s life.

What makes a good attorney a great attorney is the on-going quest for knowledge. Megan continued her quest for knowledge and a deeper understanding of counseling clients through adversity by earning her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Wichita State University. While earning this degree she had face-to-face experiences with the havoc that divorce can cause for the children of divorce by working with Communities In Schools and being on-site at an alternative high school. Further, she conducted individual and family therapy at the Wichita Child Guidance Center. Megan sees the merging of her knowledge of law, counseling and her awareness of a client’s emotional needs as the perfect fit to accommodate the needs of individuals who must seek divorce, file for child custody or encounter other family disputes at Floodman Family Law.

Megan has extensive experience in the family law courts in Wichita and Butler County.

Megan is a member of the Kansas Bar Association and Wichita Bar Association.   She is also co-chair of the Wichita Bar Association Family Law Section for 2015/2016.

Megan is married and her husband is also an attorney.