Kelly has been a legal assistant for over 30 years. She started shortly after she earned her associate degree in para-legal studies from Wichita State University. Working side by side with Sheila, she  experienced divorce from every level – from the dissolution of a short term marriage with minimal assets to a long term marriage with the division of a family owned multi-million dollar business and every type of case in between. She was a key component in helping Sheila build a law practice whose services were sought by individuals throughout Kansas.

Kelly has the professional education, the knowledge, the practical skills and the strong work ethic to manage the details of each divorce, paternity and child custody case in order that they move through the court system with the precision needed to meet the expectations of each client. Kelly is always available to clients. In addition, she is able to connect with Megan or Kristina quickly when an emergency arises as they often do in divorce and child custody litigation and facilitate providing immediate attention to a matter. Kelly is an invaluable team member of The Floodman Family Law.

Kelly is a lifetime resident of Wichita. Her husband was a captain on the Wichita Fire Department and she has two daughters.